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Why is everyone talking about Zoom?

Why is everyone talking about Zoom?

A lot of people are suddenly embracing the idea of working from home. It is said that zoom people went from having 10 million monthly active users to 200 million people. The COVID-19 lockdown has made the app more popular.

What made zoom popular?

This app makes it easy for up to 100 users to communicate at once. It can be used for online briefing, meeting university lectures. The app is available for iOS, Android, and also pc. It can also be used via a web browser.

Is it secure?

When a call is public it allows anyone to join the call, giving way to people joining your call uninvited, this term is called ‘zoombomb’. These people might join your call show explicit images or do as they please. To avoid this do not share your meeting Id in public only show the Id to people you want to join the call to do this

If you are using zoom on an iPhone after starting a meeting after starting the meeting tap more. This is on the bottom right side. Then select meeting settings now, disable the allow participants to share


On android after starting your meeting app, tap more go to meeting app setting enable local share.

On pc start the meeting, open share screen’s advanced showing options the click on the host only.

Privacy Concerns

Zoom says they are end to end encrypted, but according to a report by the intercept, zoom gets access to your files and messages you share during your call, that the company might use for ad-targeting. After this report zoom has updated its privacy policy. With that said, as long as you make sure everyone in your call connects using computer audio instead of calling in on a phone the meeting is secured with end to end encryption according to zoom.

The company has also been accused of leaking email addresses. The app for iOS was updated after it was found out that the app sends data to Facebook.


There are several privacy concerns that prevent us from recommending this service to you. But if you decide to use it make sure you use it via web browsers and avoid the apps.


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