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This is the best computer for you?

Things to consider before you buy a personal computer

Deciding among PCs is getting harder as there are a lot of things to consider. Some new desktop computers are becoming smaller and smaller as a regular laptop and on the other hand, you can find a Laptop that is as good as a Desktop. The other options like tablets and laptops that can be utilized as tablets come after all that. Therefore, we are never in short of options when it comes to choice but it all depend s on the purpose of the pc we want and their prices.

Desktop PC

While some people are not into desktop computers anymore and they opt for laptops because of size and trend Desktops are still very relevant in many aspects.

Desktop computers can provide great value for your money as they perform well according to their specifications. Moreover, you have a bigger screen to work on and they are easily fixable if anything happens to them giving you less headache.

You can go for Desktop PCs if you intend to use them for video editing, accounting, and tasks that can be done from a constant place like your office or your home.

Gaming Desktop PC

These are the ultimate gaming frameworks and will in general be very costly. You get the quickest processors, incredible graphics cards, and a huge hard drive and ram as well. Their speakers and overall features are incredible. Cases are normally enormous and offer space for extra segments like additional memory or devoted sound cards.

Laptop PC

These let you utilize your PC away from your work area, however, you pay for that portability with a device that is somewhat more confined, a greater cost, and (now and again) lesser execution.

Regardless of whether your fundamental thought is compactness or use, screen size will be a basic factor in choosing which kind of PC is ideal for you.

Modest (10" to 13" screen size)

These PCs are normally light enough to be brought to and from your office without requiring a lot of strength. They might not have the quickest processors around, however, PCs in this size range are these days more than equipped for taking care of tasks that don’t require a great deal of effort from your PC. Battery life changes with size as well but doesn’t fret they are well equipped in that regard too.

Medium (14" to 16" screen size)

This size range offers the ideal choice for some people because of its movability and cost. Moderate sized PCs are a decent decision in the event that you take them along less as often as possible or on the off chance that you need to utilize it widely for work or school. Such a PC can undoubtedly be arranged as a work area substitution.

Until a couple of years back, just 17-inch and bigger models had designed processors with committed video memory, however, now some 14-to 16-inch models make them, being kind of reasonable for gaming too.

Bigger (17" to 18" screen size)

For people needing a work area substitution, sufficiently large to sit semi-permanently in one spot however compact enough to take from room to room, these PCs will be great. They will in general utilize top-performing processors with standard hard drives that give you huge loads of capacity, however not top execution.

Essential Features to Consider

Picking a Processor and OS (Operating System)

Speed matters. Processors with various cores can handle more information at a time, with core i5 and core i7 now progressively normal. Our evaluations state the number of cores a PC's processor has. Numerous processors can up the speed for a short and ideal opportunity to execute your task. For a processor the higher the score the quicker the processor.

Battery Life

Another significant factor while picking a processor, particularly for PCs: Lower power utilization means longer battery life.

In case you're searching for a PC to surf the web, email, and work on Office archives, essentially every processor available should be adequate.

In the event that you intend to use your PC for big programs or play standard games, you ought to consider the Intel Core i5/i7 and AMD's Ryzen line of processors with good graphics cards.


The more memory a PC has, the quicker it is, to a limited extent. Memory is estimated in gigabytes (GB). On the two work areas and PCs, 8GB has gotten normal, with 16GB found on better quality gadgets. Except if you consistently have different enormous applications open simultaneously, 8GB should be your choice.

Operating Systems

Windows 10 brings a more uniform interface across an assortment of gadgets: PCs, tablets.  Macintoshes (MACs) can be more costly, yet they're less inclined to most viruses and spyware (to some degree in light of the fact that there's a larger number of Windows PCs out there than Macs, making them a greater objective for programmers).


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