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8 Must have iphone Apps 2020


      8 Must have Iphone Apps 2020


Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is one of the best apps out there to work on your pictures. You can easily enhance, stylize, add photo filters and effects while photo collages are also and option. You can fix crooked pictures with the Auto setting option and fix them up.

You can remove noises, add texts and borders. While you can use the built in effects Photoshop Express gives you an option to create your own effects. You can develop your creativity with this app. While the app is free and you can do a lot with it some of the features are premium.


So you went on a vacation or a road trip and you have snapped great videos, iMovie gives you all the tools to make those videos more interesting and enjoyable. iMovie gives you the option to make Hollywood style trailers while you can also add the credits at the end.

 You can make your videos slow motion, fast forward, add background music, including freeze-frame and Create a soundtrack using built-in music that automatically adjusts to match the length of your movie. The app is also free.


Unfold gives a spotless and simple to-utilize innovative instrument for creating smooth and cleaned Instagram Stories. After downloading the application you'll get a lot of smooth and rich layouts that you can apply to your photographs. It's an approach that spotlights on the straightforward and in vogue while shunning the boring for the exquisite, with 25 free formats and five text styles, appropriate on photograph and video introductions.


Habitify is an award winning application. It is a to-do list app that helps you achieve your goals and form good habits. you can set goals as simple as floss your teeth, learn a new word and even quit addictive behaviors. Habitify automatically knows when you complete tasks and it also reminds you automatically when you need to complete a task.

It has multiple themes so that it would not be too boring and contains task icons that you can choose from. You can also set how often the task needs to be completed. Overall, this app is great to help you achieve what you always wanted to and it is totally free.



If you have goals to gain or lose weight, change your eating habit, track your calorie intake or set different goal this is the right application for you. It is very popular among many users because of its effectiveness. You can track your food, reach your goals, track your exercise and steps and get support by joining groups and communities.

You can celebrate your success by sharing photos of your progress and inspiring others to do the same. It is a great and free app for changing your lifestyle.

Sky: Children of the Light

 Sky: Children of the Light is chosen as the best Arcade game of the year by Apple. The gam lets you connect with people all over the world and it is like you fly through 7 "dreamlike realms" to uncover a mystery. The graphics of the app is very impressive as it is looks advanced. This game is free so you can enjoy it without paying.


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