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8 Must have Android Apps 2020

   8 Must have Android Apps 2020

There are more than 2.9 million applications in the Google Play Store. While some are actually useful and entertaining there are others that are utterly useless. Therefore do not go through most of those apps trying to get the best ones. We've chosen the following applications for your Android telephone, by compiling the fun with the essential.

While choosing great applications the characteristics that are essential are good design and an even better purpose. A great app is either better on design or greater in functionality when compared to other apps. Applications with both of those features are fun to use. Most of the following apps can be utilized on all Android OS versions.


Group chats are always fun when it is with your friends and there are many apps that we have been using for that purpose. After signing up it gives you the entire essential features that a group must have. Users can send pictures, videos, create events, send locations and also have personalized emojis. The app allows you to have a group call and users can also insert GIFs into messages. It has its own internet search to find the right GIF for your message.  You can create calendar events and share them with your contacts.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is outstanding amongst other Android launchers on the Play Store. The launcher is clean, fast, lightweight, and contains a lot of customizations to change the look of your phone.

Nova Launcher is free to download and can be used to change the looks of a folder bolsters application cabinet customization, has a scrollable dock, warning identifications, envelope and symbol customization, and packs around twelve motions for simple route.


This app is a must have if you are a reader. It has a ton of books that you can choose from and enjoy. It also classifies the books by genre, trending, popular and it keeps track of your reads and recommends similar books.

The app is free to download and most of the books that it contains are also free. Your favorite book is just a search away so download the app and enjoy.

Quick Save

Instagram has become a very popular application of late and the users are growing by the day. It is used for entertainment and business as well and the content on there is now downloadable straight from the app.

Quick save helps u download pictures and videos from Instagram and is totally free. Download the app and save your favorite content  

WPS Office

WPS is a free Office application. It is supports different file formats such as Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, spreadsheets, Google docs, and so many other fie types.

The app has content protection, document encryption, can share permissions and has cloud synchronization so that u can keep your files on the cloud and never lose them. It is very simple to use and yet so effective.


Ever listened to a song and wondered how you were going to know the title of the song or who the singer was? This happens almost to everyone and Shazam has been a revelation in providing the answer to that question.

Shazam is an app that identifies songs based on their sound frequency. That means whenever you listen to a song that you don’t know you open the app and it instantly displays the name of the song along with the artist. This app is essential and it will surely add some flair in your daily life.

Air Droid

Air Droid is a clever screen reflecting app for Android. The first step is downloading and installing the app on both your Android phone and PC, after that it allows you to share documents and also mirror your phone’s screen on your PC.

If you ever need to utilize both your PC and Android phone this app can certainly help you achieve that. Not just that, you can perceive any new notices, answer to messages, missed calls, and substantially more.

Adobe Lightroom

This app is similar to Adobe Photoshop but is much simpler and effective enough. You can import a picture and change and edit its aspects and looks as you please and when you are done you can export the file to your device or other platforms. Lightroom edits your pictures and saves them separately so that you never lose the original copy.

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