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Digital Ethiopia 2025

Digital Ethiopia

There is a big gap in internet usage in developing countries and developed countries. For example, internet users in the united states are more than 78.2 % of the total population and in japan 78.7 but in most developing countries it’s less than 40%. Africa is lagging behind when it comes to digitalization, due to the region’s geography and infrastructure. But entrepreneurs are lining up to bridge the gap between African consumers and global retailers.

Ethiopia with a population of 114 million and mostly young tech-savvy generation has a big potential in the digital economic sector. Currently, only 22% of the Ethiopian population has access to the internet. The growth of internet connection is also slower compared to neighboring nations like Kenya. To bridge this gap P.M. Dr. Abiy Ahmed and his ministers have approved a digital strategy  2025.

The digital strategy has a total of 3 terms short term, middle, and long term. The short term focuses on Connectivity, E-Government, E-commerce, Technology Entrepreneurship, and digital skills. This term is expected to lay the foundation for the digital economy and it mainly includes telecom reform. Currently, there are plans for two new foreign telecom service providers to enter the telecom sector and also privatize Ethio telecom as it is the only service provider in the country. The other projects are introducing a national digital Id, develop regulations for mobile money, and implementing universal access. The middle and long term mainly include improving power stability and finance.


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